HEI-Lab has strategic partnerships with European (e.g., Bergamo, West Flanders, Antwerp), South and North American (e.g., São Paulo, Southern California, North Carolina), and Australian (Melbourne) universities, which we are expanding into an international network focused on health and well-being, while also maintaining current partnerships with other Portuguese R&D centers in Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto, and Minho.

In line with our core principles, we also transfer knowledge to stakeholders and society: Digital psychology PPS (Processes, Products and Services) is tailored to stakeholders’ needs and capabilities to use them (e.g. application of VR and Serious Games in mental health and forensic contexts with institutional partners, e.g. CHPL, CMRA, JFB).

Design models and methodologies for health and well-being are also at the disposal of the national and international community of designers through a networking system.

We train undergrad and grad students via participation in research within our several research labs (LabPsiCom, LabPsiExp, MovLab, and Delli), and advanced training in transdisciplinary R&I with digital tools, including doctoral, postgrad, and advanced courses open to non-academic practitioners and designers.