Our research labs aim to promote interdisciplinary knowledge, developing interventions in Psychology, Human Interpersonal Relationships, Social Behaviour, Play and Interaction design.

BS2C: Behavior and Social Change in Context Lab

BS2C Lab is dedicated to understanding and driving social and behavioral change in diverse contexts such as environmental, educational, forensic, and cultural settings. This research lab combines established research methodologies with cutting-edge digital technologies, including virtual reality, to analyze the dynamics of individual characteristics, interpersonal relationships, and social systems. The research at BS2C Lab is oriented towards understanding the dynamics of social cognition, interpersonal relationships, and group. Our studies delve into the etiology of these social dynamics, examining the factors that promote or hinder effective interpersonal relationships and adaptation in these settings. We adopt a multi-dimensional approach, exploring how various social and behavioral aspects are influenced by environmental factors such as cultural, organizational, and community contexts. This includes considering the entire spectrum of social behavior, from healthy to at-risk and maladaptive patterns.