July 2022

Writing a scientific paper

Andrew Moore

Meta-analysis Training

Rita Passion

September 2022

Writing Scientific Proposals HORIZONS-Health Cluster

Isabel Carvalho Oliveira
Agência de Investigação Clínica e Inovação Biomédica

Establishing Networks for Consortiums in European Calls

Joana Carvalho

October 2022

Grant-Writing Skills for Early-Career Researchers

Julia Staykova-McKinnon

Applied Psychophysiology: choosing measures (applied examples)

Pedro Joel Rosa & Jorge Oliveira

November 2022

Analysing Psychophysiology: analysing measures (applied examples)

Pedro Joel Rosa & Jorge Oliveira

December 2022

Researcher Management and Leadership Training

Anne Libby

Guidelines for Data Protection in Research with Children and Youth

Inês Jongenelen

January 2023

Structural Equation Analyses *

Mariana Moura-Ramos

February 2023

Science comunication for researchers *

Ana Carvalho (UCoimbra)

March 2023

Creativity in Research Introductory Session
How can creativity help you do more innovative research? *

Anja Svetina Nabergoj

Designing and conducting Longitudinal Research *

Raquel Costa

April 2023

Advanced Qualitative Methods *

Dulce Pinto

May 2023

Research Methods for studying social processes in clinical settings *

Manuel Muñoz

Work-Family Balance and Self-care for Researchers *

Helena Martins (Nova SBE)

September 2022

Conference Academic Year Opening ULP

Eugénia Fernandes

Conference Academic Year Opening

Mariano Alcañiz

October 2022

Masterclass 1

Óscar Gonçalves

Masterclass 2

Gehrard Andersson

Masterclass 3

Alytia Levendosky

Masterclass 4

Michelle Craske

November 2022

Masterclass 5

Rosa Baños

Masterclass 6

Bruce Chorpita

Masterclass 7

Sheree Toth

Masterclass 8

Armando Machado

December 2022

Masterclass 9

Chiara Ionio

Masterclass 10

Helena Moreira

January 2023

Masterclass 11 *

Erick Janssen

Masterclass 12 *


Masterclass 13 *

Miguel Gonçalves

February 2023

Conference *

Jim Blascovich

March 2023

Conference *

José Gutiérrez Maldonado

May 2023

Conference *

Pim Cuijpers

June 2022

Workshop Scientific Writing Skills (8h)

Sérgio Carvalho

July 2022

Workshop Planning Scientific Project

Tiago Pinto

October 2022

Workshop Research Ethics

Ana Loureiro

November 2022

Workshop Online Data Collection with Qualtrics

Joana Cabral

December 2022

Workshop Selectioning the right Journal for your paper

Diogo Lamela

April 2023

Workshop science communication and dissemination *

Patrícia Pascoal