Who We Are

HEI-Lab- Human-environment Interaction Lab, is a R&D unit of Lusófona University. We develop, apply and converge knowledge from Psychology, Computer and Information Sciences, and Media and Communications into a transdisciplinary scientific outlook to push the boundaries of excellence in the study of human-environment interaction. HEI-Lab's infrastructures in Lisbon and Porto provide cutting-edge data-gathering methods including eye-tracking, neuroimaging, electrophysiology, motion capture, facial expression analysis, and virtual reality. Grounded on strong scientific foundations, the outputs are translated into social, forensic, educational and healthcare settings, with large societal impact.

Our Mission

To advance knowledge on human behavior across different contexts and innovative cost-effective scientific methods underpinned by advanced technologies. HEI-Lab engages with policymakers, practitioners, and the public to disseminate research findings and promote evidence-based practices applied in social, forensic, educational, and mental healthcare settings, and interactive and playable media. HEI-Lab is oriented towards social impact and aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities.