Summer School

Escola de Verão: Cognição e Videojogos para a Pandemia 2020 – CVP’20

From 01/08 to 31/10.

HEI-Lab intends to actively contribute to the higher qualification of students with training that supports changing the paradigm of face-to-face clinical intervention to a basic online intervention. This objective is particularly pressing in these times. The confinement caused the involuntary confinement of many psychiatric and neurological patients, who no longer had the support of their therapists in person.
Digital solutions in the context of mental health has been a relevant research topic in recent years. The HEI-Lab team has been developing and validating digital solutions – video games for therapeutic purposes – since 2004, which can be used via the internet to treat different neuropsychological conditions (
CVP’20 aims to continue with ongoing studies, providing skills in creating serious games for online psychological intervention. This information is detailed in the different projects submitted by students who seek to complement their training with R&D internships at HEI-Lab.


The following students were awarded with FCT scholarships:

– Bolsa de Iniciação de Investigação (BII) –

Rodrigo Pinheiro
Miguel Fernandez
José Lico
Pedro Santos
Marco António Conceiçao
Ana Romanenko
Vasco Duarte
João Fonseca
Beatriz Araújo
Pedro Carvalho

– Bolsa de Investigação (BI) –
Thales Martins
Ricardo Cacheira
Shivani Atul Mansuklal
Maria Fernanda Barbosa
Joana Cartaxo




No dia 9 de Outubro a partir da 13h00

Na sala de Cinema Fernando Lopes, a Escola de Verão: Cognição e Videojogos para a Pandemia 2020 – CVP’20 do centro de investigação HEI-Lab, em colaboração com as Escolas de Comunicação, Arquitetura, Artes e Tecnologias da Informação e da Escola de Psicologia e Ciências da Vida têm o prazer de apresentar o seguinte ciclo de palestras:

13h00-14h00 – Title: HERA: Our Role as Planetary Guardians. Prof. Pedro Serra | ULHT

14h00-15h00 – Title: Behavioral Biomarkers for Psychiatric Disorders using VR. Prof. Mariano Alcañiz Raya, Universitat Politècnica de València | UPV · Institute for Research and Innovation in Bioengineering (i3B)

15h00-17h00 -Título: Viver do desenvolvimento de videojogos em Portugal. Prof Nélio Códices | ULHT

A participação nas palestras é gratuita, mas o registo é obrigatório através do presente formulário.


WebGL Lesson: Psychology for Developers

This lesson is meant for HEI-Lab’s Summer School 2020 students (Cognição e Videojogos para a Pandemia 2020 – CVP’20), providing a deeper background and terminology of psychology, while also contextualizing possible use-cases of serious games.