HEI-Lab researcher Joana Carvalho’s R&D project “FEMOFFENCE – The myth of innocence: A mixed methods approach toward the understanding of female sexual offending behavior was funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation with € 127.993,70.

HEI-Lab researcher Pedro Gamito’s R&D project “AUTOMOTIVE: AUTOmatic multiMOdal drowsiness detecTIon for smart VEhicles” (AAC nº 02SAICT2017) was funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation. The consortium is led by INESC TEC, with the participation of HEI-Lab, ISEL and CARDIOID, having been funded with 238.786,63€.

Pedro Gamito and Jorge Oliveira also participate in the MarNoruega/0002/2016 –  Changing uses and values of marine ecosystem services in the Norwegian Arctic project, funded with 150.000€.

In collaboration with Centro Social Paroquial do Campo Grande, we won the second prize of BPI Seniores ( for the project ‘Combater a demência com Realidade Virtual’, with a value of 32.000€.

iDEAL: immersive VR as a tool to help individuals with autism deal with change. HEI-Lab wins Erasmus+ grant to design, test and publish an innovative immersive VR technology/game as a tool to help individuals with ASD to acquire and develop the skills and key competences to deal with change in their daily life and routine (2020-1-DK01-KA204). Total grant: 209.742€.

ALERRT: Autism on the line! Educating first Responders on how to recognise and treat individuals with autism. Hei Lab wins Erasmus+ grant to design, test and publish a innovative immersive VR technology/gam as a tool to help first responders on how to recognise and treat indivduals with ASD in emergency situations (2020-1-ES01-KA202-082056). Total grant: 237.155€.

Escola de Verão: Cognição e Videojogos para a Pandemia – CVP20. Total grant: 26 126 €.

BENDIt-EU: Burnout education, normatives and digital tools for European Universities (2020-1-RO01-KA203-080261). The aim of our project is to prepare a comprehensive set of resources that will address the issue of burnout in health and health allied
universities at three distinct levels: organizational, collective and individual, including all stakeholders. Total grant: 221.290€.

CB4PARENTS: Training of Parents in the Fight Against Cyberbullying (2020-KA204-0D271A42). It aims at improving the education methods of parents.This project will serve at the same time to disseminate the fight against cyberbullying across Europe. The target group of the project is the parents who are living EU. Total grant: 256.943€.

Digital Tool For Mentorship Against Dropout. (2020-KA201-48CBD814). DIGI-TOOL MENTORS is a project to tackle with dropout among students between 14-19 years at High Schools in partner countries using technological and educational changes. Total grant: 160.845€.

D’AR-TE: prevenção de situações de (re)incidência da agressão em jovens (POISE-39-2019-11). Atendendo às especificidades da intervenção cognitiva com jovens, pretende-se a criação de um programa imersivo em realidade virtual, tendo por base a realização de atividades cognitivas que permitam envolver as funções cognitivas mais relevantes em apreço neste projeto, com tarefas baseadas em atividades do dia-a-dia que sejam lúdicas e, simultaneamente, representativas da vida real desta faixa etária. Total grant: 39.900€.

VRmnesis: training anamnesis in a VR setting. VRmnesis aims at producing an educative and clinical outlet to train junior psychologists conducting clinical interviews, more specifically anamnesis procedures. Total grant: 14.963,12€.

NEWCARE. Innovative Creative Multiple Therapy Methods for morbidities (FR01-KA227-ADU-095002). Reducing depression symptoms of elderly multimorbidity individuals and paving the way for positive thinking. Total grant: 123.150€.