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At HEI-Lab we develop digital systems (e.g. virtual, augmented, mixed reality apps), shaped on ecological design solutions, mimicking physical and psychological environments, to optimize the human-context relation and provide deeper and alternative insights on this interrelation.

Models of human behavior (focusing on psychological processes underlying various forms of ab/normal behavior and well-being across the lifespan) are studied and tested at the intersection between psychology, technology, and design, and the knowledge thus gained is used to develop and release new eHealth interventions to be applied to the contexts of clinical/health, social/organizational, and justice/forensic psychology.

The candidate will be engaged in developing and validating R&D activities that fall under the scope of HEI-LAB.

The candidate is encouraged to propose and discuss new lines of action and to find additional lines of funding; manage the preparation of applications for research projects in the framework of national and international funding programs; preparation of a plan of publications of national and international character; participation and organization of scientific events; orientation of doctoral theses.