Research Position – AUTOMOTIVE: AUTOmatic multiMOdal drowsiness detecTIon for smart VEhicles: RESULTS

The candidate Filipe Pinto was selected for the scholarship with the following score:

criteria score
Curriculum vitae/Academic evaluation (60%). 16
Suitability of the candidates’ profile to the project based on admission requirements and relevant work experience in the tasks described in the work plan (40%). 17
total 16.4

Research Position – AUTOMOTIVE: AUTOmatic multiMOdal drowsiness detecTIon for smart VEhicles

A research position for one Research Grant (“Bolsa de Investigação“) is opened at Universididade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, in the scope of the Project AUTOMOTIVE: AUTOmatic multiMOdal drowsiness detecTIon for smart VEhicles, reference POCI-01-0145-FEDER-030707, supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation – COMPETE 2020 Programme, and by National Funds through the Portuguese funding agency, FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. The work for this position is in the area of game design.

Doctoral Position Under FCT Funded Project Femoffence Project, Ref. Ptdc / Psi-Ger / 28097/2017

COFAC, Cultural Animation and Training Cooperative crl, opens a selection competition for the hiring of a PhD researcher, corresponding to level 33 of the Single Remuneration Table, under the terms of the applicable legislation, under an Uncertain Contract of the project FEMOFFENCE – The myth of innocence: The mixed methods approach towards the understanding of female sexual offending behavior, with the reference PTDC / PSI-GER / 28097/2017, supported through national funds inscribed in the budget of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and developed in the HEI-Lab research unit.

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No contexto do procedimento concursal 2018, para a contratação de um doutorado(a) ao abrigo do artigo 19º do Decreto-Lei nº 57/2016, de 29 de agosto, alterado pela lei nº 57/2017, de 19 de julho, e ao abrigo do contrato-programa entre a FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. e a COFAC -Cooperativa de Animação e Formação Cultural crl, o Júri nomeado apreciou as seguintes candidaturas para contratação de Carreira de Docente Universitária doutorado:

1. Ana Rita Boino Godinho Alves Farias;
2. Marta Diana Gonçalves Barley de la Cueva Couto.

O Júri apreciou e, de acordo com a sua deliberação, divulga-se aqui a lista ordenada final dos candidatos:

Posição: Nome: Classificação:
1. Ana Rita Boino Godinho Alves Farias Excluída. Não apresenta mais de 5 anos de actividade pós doutoramento (Data de doutoramento: 2013-12-18)
2. Marta Diana Gonçalves Barley de la Cueva Couto Excluída. Não apresenta mais de 5 anos de actividade pós doutoramento (Data de doutoramento: 2016-04-29)


PhD (+5 years) researcher in Psychology

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At HEI-Lab we develop digital systems (e.g. virtual, augmented, mixed reality apps), shaped on ecological design solutions, mimicking physical and psychological environments, to optimize the human-context relation and provide deeper and alternative insights on this interrelation.

Models of human behavior (focusing on psychological processes underlying various forms of ab/normal behavior and well-being across the lifespan) are studied and tested at the intersection between psychology, technology, and design, and the knowledge thus gained is used to develop and release new eHealth interventions to be applied to the contexts of clinical/health, social/organizational, and justice/forensic psychology.

The candidate will be engaged in developing and validating R&D activities that fall under the scope of HEI-LAB.

The candidate is encouraged to propose and discuss new lines of action and to find additional lines of funding; manage the preparation of applications for research projects in the framework of national and international funding programs; preparation of a plan of publications of national and international character; participation and organization of scientific events; orientation of doctoral theses.

Noticia Projeto Escolas – Workshop 2 – Aveiro

The second workshop of the Delli Metasystem for Education Innovation applied research project was carried out in the school of Aveiro – José Estevão – Starting from the diagnostic contrast analysis resulting from the previous workshop, we delved deeply into the pedagogical practices and the teaching-learning model as a lever of innovation in education in the high school context.

This applied research project from HEI-LAV CIEC – center for knowledge transfer focused on innovation in education and citizenship / ULHT  aims to validate the methodology, models, processes and tools for future dissemination.

Excellent contribution of the group of co-creation; students, teachers, directors, managers, politicians and business community. Field research team: Américo Mateus and Susana Leonor (HEI-LAB) and Lucas Costa Pena; Rita Costa and Luiana Cardoso (DELLI Master students).