Curricular profile and Scientific experience in the project area Relevant technical and academic qualifications  Interest for the following areas of VR and serious games research applied to Psychology English Skills
30% 20% 40% 10%

João Miguel de Almeida Barreiros


16 no technical expertise no VR/SG skills 14
Maria Francisca  Rato Gonçalves 14 14  no VR/SG skills 14
Hasan Mosazadeh 14 no technical expertise  no VR/SG skills 12
Fábio André Sousa Dias 16 16  17 16
Luis Minhota Caldeira 13 13  no VR/SG skills 13
Marta Carvalho Vieira Leite 17 15  no VR/SG skills 15
Sara Cardoso Pereira 13 12  no VR/SG skills 12

The candidate Fábio Sousa Dias is admitted to interview. All other candidates were excluded (no evidences of VR skills and SG applied to Psychology).