Project: Game Making in Contexts

Lead Researcher: Filipe Luz

Co-Lead Researcher: Isabel Fonseca

Reference: 2022.07939.PTDC

Type: Projetos de Investigação Científica e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico

Project: “Interoceptively Expecting: Can Enhanced Interoception During Pregnancy and Early Parenthood Predict Infant-Caregiver Bonding and Interaction?”

Lead Researcher: Carlos Campos

Co-Lead Researcher: Ruth Feldman

Reference: 2022.01784.PTDC

Type: Projetos de Investigação Exploratória

Project: Childbirth-related post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and mother-infant neurophysiological and behavioral co-regulation during dyadic interaction: a longitudinal study

Lead Researcher: Tiago Pinto

Co-Lead Researcher: Raquel Costa

Reference: 2022.01825.PTDC

Type: Projetos de Investigação Exploratória

Project: A transdiagnostic approach to sexual distress: testing a pilot online intervention

Lead Researcher: Patrícia Pascoal

Co-Lead Researcher: Cátia Oliveira

Reference: 2022.09087.PTDC

Type: Projetos de Investigação Exploratória