HEl-Lab Structure

HEI-Lab is run by four bodies: the Scientific Council (SC), the Direction (D), an Ethical Commission (EC), and an External Advisory Board (EAB).

HEI-Lab is not divided into research groups. Instead, transdisciplinary work is organized into two streams – HEI-CCL (Contextual Change Lab) and HEI-HCL (Human Change Lab) in each of which any researcher can participate, and is carried out in four laboratory spaces provided by ULHT:

  • LabPsiCom
  • LabPsiExp
  • MovLab
  • Delli

The SC consists of all integrated members with a PhD, including the members of the D., and is responsible for advising the D on scientific and strategic matters, with a special focus on emerging trends and opportunities. It meets regularly four times a year.

The EC provides ethic counseling to ongoing and prospective HEI-Lab activities.

EAB meets once a year to evaluate and assess the work and developments of the previous year