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Welcome to Hei-Lab

Digital Human-Environment Interaction Labs

HEI-Lab mission is rooted on the human-context interaction paradigm that looks into human behavior and its contexts interchangeably. Our mission is to converge Psychology and Videogame knowledge into a transdisciplinary scientific platform aimed at studying human behavior within this interactive view. Digital technology, shaped after Psychology principals and created by engineering processes, is HEI-Lab’s signature, offering new psychological research and intervention opportunities. Such opportunities are still to exist in a consolidate fashion in the Portuguese context. Our aim is thus to conduct research on applied Psychology through digital systems.


220808 – HEI-Lab researchers won 4 FCT projects

Project: Game Making in Contexts Lead Researcher: Filipe Luz Co-Lead Researcher: Isabel Fonseca Reference: 2022.07939.PTDC Type: Projetos de Investigação Científica e Desenvolvimento TecnológicoProject: "Interoceptively Expecting: Can Enhanced Interoception During...

Research Labs

Hei-Lab is organized into 5 main Labs that aim to promote interdisciplinary knowledge and develop interventions in Psychology, Human interpersonal relationships, Social Behaviour, play, and Interaction design: HCB: Human Cognition and Behaviour Lab PHC: Psychopathology and Human Change Lab HDR: Human Development and Relationships Lab SBEC: Social Behaviour, Environment, and Culture Lab PID: Playful Interaction Design Lab


HEI-Lab supports R&D activities in the following study cycles at Lusófona University Campus, cited in the tho main Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto.
ULP - Universidade Lusófona do Porto
  • 1st cycle in Psychology. https://www.ulp.pt/licenciatura/psicologia
  • 2nd cycle in Clinical and Health Psychology. https://www.ulp.pt/mestrados/psicologia-clinica-e-da-saude
  • 2nd cycle in Psychology of Justice. https://www.ulp.pt/mestrados/psicologia-da-justica-vitimas-de-crime
  • 2nd cycle in Juvenile Justice and Protection of Children and Juveniles at Risk. https://www.ulp.pt/mestrados/justica-juvenil-e-protecao-de-criancas-e-jovens-em-perigo
  • 3rd cycle in Clinical Psychology.  https://www.ulusofona.pt/doutoramentos/psicologia-clinica-orientacao-cognitivo-comportamental
ULHT - Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia
  • 1st cycle in Videogames. https://www.ulusofona.pt/licenciaturas/videojogos
  • 1st cycle in Psychology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/licenciaturas/psicologia
  • 2nd cycle in Cybertherapy and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/ciberterapia-e-reabilitacao-neurocognitiva
  • 2nd cycle in Neuropsychology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/neuropsicologia-aplicada
  • 2nd cycle in Clinical and Health Psychology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/psicologia-clinica-e-da-saude
  • 2nd cycle in Forensics Psychology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/psicologia-forense
  • 2nd cycle in Social Psychology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/psicologia-social-e-das-organizacoes
  • 2nd cycle in Sexology. https://www.ulusofona.pt/mestrados/transdisciplinar-de-sexologia
  • 3rd cycle in Clinical Psychology.  https://www.ulusofona.pt/doutoramentos/psicologia-clinica-orientacao-cognitivo-comportamental